The Nest

The Nest was manifested from our two Founders’ personal missions to promote secondhand style as an alternative to buying everything brand new. The current trend of toxic consumerism has impacted our communities and the planet - we are here to fight the negative affects. Brand new products continue to be manufactured at an alarming rate, and handcrafting skills are being forgotten & taken for granted. There’s no need to buy new when you can find unique secondhand & handmade pieces that have a story, protect our environment, support artisans, and express your authenticity. Feels like a win-win, no? At The Nest, we elevate & incubate sustainable style through offering a curated collection of secondhand fashion, furniture & homewares, and by hosting workshops & events lead by local creatives, designers & experts. At The Nest we offer so much more than just shopping. We are a communal gathering and incubation space for likeminded individuals who want to engage in building a community of inclusivity, sustainability, and growth. Our curated collection of secondhand & local art will be available to browse at our shopping parties, workshops, and other private events. Come #NestWithUs and feel inspired to express your authenticity & support the healing of our planet through sustainable style choices.