Warren, Rhode Island
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USD $400.00

USD $ 400.00 / 2 day(s)

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PopUp in a Dreamy Snow Globe Igloo
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Want to offer your guest(s) an unforgettable dining experience that's outdoors yet protected from New England weather for Covid-safety? Now you can with igloos from Ocean State Shield (OSS). Perfect for creating a romantic setting for a loved one(s) or for outdoor Covid-distancing seating at restaurants, OSS Igloos invite guests to step into an intimate dreamy snow-globe for an unforgettable experience, OSS commercial grade, fully fire-code compliant igloos seat 4-6 people and most importantly are designed to withstand New England weather! Add electric heaters, warming seats, and lights to enhance the experience and create your own unique fantasyscape. The igloos have a ventilation port built-in to create airflow. A zip-down door closes but does not go all way, both to create a free-flowing air exchange and to make it easier for a server to undo at a restaurant. OSS igloos are popular with outside local restaurants including Chaska in Cranston, Bluewater Bar & Grill in Barrington and Malt in Newport. They have also been delivered to day-care centers, a food pantry and a construction company. Rental rates: $400 for a weekend day/night. $200 for a week day/night. $150 extra for OSS to setup. Hit "Request to Rent" to add "je ne sais quoi" to your next dining event.

PopUp Space Type: Outdoor Space
Space Size: Sq Ft: 9.00
Permits: No
Security Cameras: No
489 Main Street Warren, Rhode Island United States 02885
About the listing provider

Ocean State Shield (OSS) addresses global health emergencies at the local level. By capitalizing on the creative spirit that defines Rhode Island, we are revolutionizing how we safeguard our environments. Launched in response to the global public health emergency, our team has developed a suite of products and services which can both inhibit pathogens and empower you, our clients. Prevention is protection—and protection is power.

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